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Website Design and Development in Singapore

Website design and development was one of our primary services when we first started and have gradually gained experience ever since.
We can help your business go online the most efficient way and also upgrade your existing website to reflect the current online trends.
Website development has come a long way and is one of the most important aspects of a business representing you globally 24/7.
Do not let your business lag behind in these internet ages or else your competitor could easily divert your potential customers to their website especially via search engines!
We are based in Singapore and can easily meet you face to face to discuss at your pace and convenience.

What is a Good Website?

1. Simple, Clean, Elegant & Easy to Visualise from the Start
2. Content displayed in a Wide Layout manner as opposed to older cramped styles
3. Integrate Search Engine friendly ‘Dynamic’ Meta Tags for Page Title, Descriptions, Keywords for every applicable pages especially for products and services
4. Include the most important aspects of your business such as your profile, products, services, contact channels, promotions and etc
5. If applicable, gain more internet presence by connecting your business to Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and etc
6. And Many MORE!

Integrate your Website with our Intranet

We can customise the iNTRANETcloud™ and integrate parts of it into your website to make life easier.
For example, you can set different price tiers on the intranet and push the customer-only price into you website with a single click. This way you only have to manage a single database and have various price tiers for internal quoting and general public.

Our Custom-tailored approach to Natural Search Engine Optimisation

We have a our own special way of optimising the website for search engines like Google to automatically index your keywords and pages.
It was first created in 2006 for some Australian clients and it still works till today with no recurring costs!

Social Networks and Google Integration

We can assist you in the initial setup on social network such as Google, Facebook, Twitter & etc.

Domain Name & Website Hosting Management

We can help you manage your domain name and website hosting for your website and emails through one of our preferred service providers.
We can analyse your requirements and recommend the best hosting package for your business website.
There are so many hosting packages being offered but are you getting increasingly confused on which one is the correct one for your business? Will this package work with your website’s requirements?
Are you finding it increasingly difficult to manage your website administration matters such as renewals and payments?
Let us manage your entire Website related-components such as Domain name, Website Files, FTP accounts, Database, Email Hosting, Website content management and etc.
We can make your life easier so that you can focus on growing your business and not worry about website technicalities!

Interesting Fact

Ram Raju, the founder of Intranet Websystems made his first website in 1996 when internet was barely available in Singapore. He made a personal website featuring the escapades of his teenage life! In 2000, he started advertising his services as a freelance website designer for local businesses under the name of rammer dotcom designs.

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