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What is an Intranet? How do I get an Intranet? Where do I start?
Is the Intranet on Cloud? Can I Customise an Intranet?

These are the questions normally asked when the topic is related to Intranets.
Do not despair. Intranet is not new and is not complex at all to understand.

An Intranet is a centralised software system where all everyone can connect to one single portal to perform various business tasks such as managing customers, products, services, quotes and etc.
It promotes better top-level management, staff collaboration, business transparency, efficient workflows and etc all under one roof.

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Looking for an Intranet System Solution in Singapore or South East Asia?

If you answered yes to the above question then you will be pleased to know that we, Intranet Websystems are based in Singapore and can meet you face to face to discuss on any intranet-related questions such intranet customisation, intranet deployment on the cloud and the costs of getting an intranet. We can help you install an intranet on the cloud or on your server right here in Singapore.

Small Businesses (SMEs) Must not be Afraid to Adopt Intranets Systems

Getting and implementing an intranet system has always been a difficult process for most people. Bosses often give this task to a not so qualified personnel and it is a struggle for them to find the right intranet for their business or organisation.
Intranets from the big boys can be very costly and require a lengthy overhaul process at times. There are some smaller-scale ready to use intranet systems out there but they do not have other business features and often you would need to use a 3rd party applications to complement the intranet.
Customising a ready-made intranet to suit your business can be even a more tedious process or even impossible with some vendors. As a result, sometimes intranet projects get abandoned halfway through as the business has to adjust its operations to suit instead of the other way around.
So what is the best way to get or implement an Intranet? Are there any cost effective, easy to use, ready-made intranet for small businesses?

An All-in-one Intranet Solution

An all-in-one intranet solution could be the best way for businesses to start deploying an intranet.
Why? Simple.
This type of unified intranet solution will offer the basics of an intranet together with key applications such as customer and product management. This way businesses do no have to continuosly think on how to get fundemental applications to run on the intranet.
The last thing a small business need is to have more and more applications being run all over the place and not to mention the maintenance and costs involved.
Is there such a thing? Yes! Introducing the iNTRANETcloud™ 🙂

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The iNTRANETcloud™ and Can you Customise it?

The iNTRANETcloud™ is a cloud-based Intranet system that is delivered over the internet through a cloud infrastructure. It also employs the Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) model where customers can easily start to use the product instantly without the traditional requirements.
It can be also deployed as a standalone server model or as a cloud-hybrid model within a private network if the need arises.
The iNTRANETcloud™ comes with its own APPs that extends its functions and features. The APPs are integrated into the main system of the intranet system and are able to extract required global data such as user and customer details.
The APPs can be further customised to suit client needs as well. New APPs are constantly being developed based on industry trends and market needs.
Businesses can select only the APPs they require to keep the overall costs low.

Some of iNTRANETcloud™ APPs

  • Company Calendar, Personal Calendar
  • Staff Directory, Organisation Chart, Staff Groups
  • Staff Funds Request, Staff Polls & Survey
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Products & Services Management
  • Quotes & Invoicing
  • Document Control Management
  • Event Management
  • Projects & Tasks Management
  • & much more!

iNTRANETcloud™ Screenshots

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Staff Directory


Organisational Chart


Customers Management


Products & Services






Staff Funds Request


My Messages


My Tasks List


Project & Task Management