A Real-life Customer Cloud Case Study

Let us use a typical case study to illustrate the benefits of cloud technology.
Company ABC is an SME that designs, engineers, calibrates repairs and manufacture electrical testing products that are then sold to customers directly or via distributors.
They do not have an active intranet or any other similar systems to manage their operations.

Current Issues Faced Before Cloud Solutions

The below are some of the issues faced by Company ABC prior to implementing cloud-based solutions.

1. Staff were unable to view or use updated information on demand
2. Staff had to make phone calls, Check their email or fax for information
3. Time wasted in Communication between Workshop, Admin & Warehouse
4. Time wasted in maintaining pricelist, customers, sales quotes all in different sources
5. Customer information and their related work order was hard to retrieve on demand
6. Staff’s Work hours and Pay was time consuming to calculate via handwritten copies
7. Management could not check on workflow status and production output on demand
8. Spend money on buying and maintaining hardware such as File Server, Firewall & Email Server
9. Spend money buying software licenses to cover growing number of employees
10. Time wasted in maintaining an identical product pricelist & brochures for the website
11. Extra expense to have servers and software at interstate offices
12. And MUCH MORE!

cloud case study before

Expansion Barriers Before Cloud Solutions

The following list exhibits the barriers Company ABC faces should they wish to scale up their operations due to market expansion or sudden customer demand.

1. Expand to more interstate and overseas branches
2. Put on more travelling sales personnel
3. Increase manufacturing output to meet demand
4. Handle more customer sales, warranty and support
5. Develop custom applications for all offices
6. Increase their online shopping presence via website
7. Increase their number of re-sellers & wholesalers
8. Have different pricelist tiers for various customers
9. Have offices connected to HQ for real-time invoicing and payment

Overcoming Issues and Barriers with iNTRANETcloud™

To overcome the current operational issues and expansion barriers, Company ABC started to invest in technology especially in an intranet system.
This intranet system eventually was ran as Cloud-model for all their staff and customers.
The below diagram shows how their Intranet system is now effectivley assisting them in many areas of their business.
This cloud-based Intranet platform allows Company ABC to be able to implement any other systems or applications with ease in the future.

cloud case study after


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