Our Profile

Intranet Websystems is a Singapore-based business that was established in 2013 to provide Intranet and Cloud-based software solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

We listen to the special needs of clients from all industries to provide customised software solutions. We also take pride to show businesses how it can increase efficiency and productivity simply by embracing the power of Intranet and Cloud-based solutions.

We collaborate with other local and international companies for joint-expertise in handling larger projects and clients who require more resources such as research, engineering and manufacturing.

Our Difference

Our key difference is that we can CUSTOMISE our proven Intranet engine to SUIT YOUR Business needs including integrating with other viable cloud technologies.

We aim to always keep our solutions simple from the start from a client perspective to ensure the solution will be adopted well by everyone with ease. We place great importance in ensuring our solutions work as planned at the end of the day and experiencing the satisfaction of our clients.

The founder of iNTRANETcloud™ is also part of Intranet Websystems, which instills confidence that we are truly behind our software solutions.
Meet with us now to discuss your technology issues and we will guide you from start to end. You are in good hands!

Our Mission

  • Bring cloud technology to all
  • Show the power of cloud technology to all
  • Promote cloud technology adoption

Our Vision

  • Be the preferred CloudTech consultant in the region
  • Exceed client expectations with our expertise
  • Be the top intranet service provider in the region

Our Values

  • Uphold professionalism & integrity in our work
  • Always place clients interests first
  • Treat clients, partners & colleagues with respect

Founder & CloudTech Consultant | Ram Raju

Ram Raju started Intranet Websystems in Singapore early 2013 to provide streamlined ICT services to local businesses and organisations. He first started his own business in Australia in 2005 and provided IT-related services several clients and the general public.

He foresees Singapore will be an excellent example in showcasing how cloud solutions can benefit everyone immensely especially businesses. He is excited for the future and would like others to join him in believing and embracing cloud technology for the future!


Ram Raju is also the Creator and Founder of the iNTRANETcloud™, a ready-to-use cloud/server based Intranet System.

Even though busy and always doing something, Ram is willing to make time to share his knowledge and meet new like-minded people. He loves making new business acquaintances and friends along the way. Feel free to contact him if you need any Technology-related assistance or require an external consulting CTO to guide a business towards technology adoption including website, intranet and etc.

Project Examples

  • Intranet-based solutions on the Cloud for various Companies
  • Website Developments for several Industries & Companies
  • TAE Aviation - Auxiliary Power Unit Software System
  • PMB Defence - Submarine Battery Charging Software System
  • Entura Hydro Tasmania - Power plant Commissioning Inspection & Test Plan Web-based System
  • Bridgestone Australia - Rubber Testing Data Analysis System
  • Salvation Army, Australia - Service Excellence II Certification
  • Hardi Australia - Microprocessor-controlled Water Pressure Controller System
  • World Solar Challenge Race 2001 - Motor Controller Programming & Race Driver

I tend to get over excited about new technologies all the time and want to know everything at an in-depth level.
I am always trying to pace myself to stay focused on current projects! It is hard especially with so many technologies emerging out there!
- Ram Raju

iws_icon_linkedin Ram Raju @ Linkedin linkedin.com/in/ramraju

Project Management Consultant | Brennan Tan

Brennan Tan is a very down to earth and friendly personality to start with. He is a high-performing management consultant and training professional eager to develop others and deliver business results. Equipped with 30 years of working experience including 15 years in training, facilitation and coaching role. Strong in facilitation, analysis and implementation of change initiatives.

Relentlessly pursue personal mission in raising productivity and service standards of client organizations. Won multiple quality and innovation awards at national level.

He played key role as a Singapore Quality Award (SQA) Champion, successfully helped Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) in achieving prestigious Singapore Quality Awards in July 2003, a recognition of world-class standard in best business practices.
He received several Gold and Silver Awards at national level (relating to innovation and service quality improvement projects) between 2001-2006.
He also received Innovation and Productivity Award (2006) from the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

He has served clients from the following industries:
Air-conditioning, Insurance agency, Audit and accounting, Interior design, Cleaning, IT vendors, Community clubs/centres, Logistics, Computer school, Manpower recruitment, Construction, Manufacturing, Event management, Music school, F&B retail, Port management consultancy, Freight forwarding, Printing, Garment retail chain (Johor), Property development, Government-linked associations, Security, Health and beauty salon, Travel agency, Hospitality and Water Technology.

Brennan is every-ready to listen and assist companies to adopt and move forward using our INTRANET application and associated technology, so please feel free to approach him anytime. You will be astonished with his humble and genuine approach.

Qualifications & Achievements

  • Skills Future Mentor (SPRING Singapore)
  • Practising Management Consultant (Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council)
  • Business Advisor (SPRING-SIM Business Advisors Programme)
  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) certified
  • Completed Business Excellence Assessment course
  • Business Continuity Planning Committee (2004-2006)
  • International Technology Benchmarking Facilitator(2002-2004)
  • Knowledge Management Champion (2004-2005)
  • IRAS Best Suggestion Award (1994)

My mission is to facilitate capability development process for SMEs. I build management competencies, Integrate consultancy and training for best possible results.
Importantly, I like to transfer knowledge and soft skills to managers of SMEs (through direct coaching, overcome challenges).
I help organisations to work smart, solve bottom lines issues, increase profit, reduce costs, raise employees’ productivity and skills level, build a team of leaders(not just managers) and professionals. I Help them skip the painful and costly process of trial and errors.
- Brennan Tan
iws_icon_linkedin Brennan Tan @ Linkedin linkedin.com/in/brennantan