Our Profile

Intranet Websystems is a Singapore-based business that was established in 2013 to provide Intranet and Cloud-based software solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

We listen to the special needs of clients from all industries to provide customised software solutions. We also take pride to show businesses how it can increase efficiency and productivity simply by embracing the power of Intranet and Cloud-based solutions.

We collaborate with other local and international companies for joint-expertise in handling larger projects and clients who require more resources such as research, engineering and manufacturing.

Our Difference

Our key difference is that we can CUSTOMISE our proven Intranet engine to SUIT YOUR Business needs including integrating with other viable cloud technologies.

We aim to always keep our solutions simple from the start from a client perspective to ensure the solution will be adopted well by everyone with ease. We place great importance in ensuring our solutions work as planned at the end of the day and experiencing the satisfaction of our clients.

The founder of iNTRANETcloud™ is also part of Intranet Websystems, which instills confidence that we are truly behind our software solutions.
Meet with us now to discuss your technology issues and we will guide you from start to end. You are in good hands!

Our Mission

  • Bring cloud technology to all
  • Show the power of cloud technology to all
  • Promote cloud technology adoption

Our Vision

  • Be the preferred CloudTech consultant in the region
  • Exceed client expectations with our expertise
  • Be the top intranet service provider in the region

Our Values

  • Uphold professionalism & integrity in our work
  • Always place clients interests first
  • Treat clients, partners & colleagues with respect